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Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Tuesday 17th February 2009 8:25am

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. I like a lot of what's happening between Harry & Hermione and how it's dveloping additional spiritual dimensions. Meanwhile, Ron seems to be suffereing from "opened mouth before brain engaged" problems than usual; hopefully learning to deal with things by way of strategies will help mature him beyond this. I do like how Harry's life is developing personally, professionally, politically, and spiritually as he becomes the man and wizard he needs to be. With the moves he's taking with The Quibbler, he's undoubtedly going to be making more enemies than friends, especially if he returns Rita to the honest and unfearing reporter she started out as (nice tough, that, BTW). I suspect Fudge, Sheets, Umbridge, and Tommy-boy are not going to enjoy these developments; nor do I suspect Severus Snape is going to be overjoyed. *chuckle* If anything, I expect Albus may be rather bemused by all the changes happening and his not seeing them.

kainboa posted a comment on Tuesday 17th February 2009 12:03am

great chapter as usual, i'm slightly in a daze at the moment, having read the entire chapter in one go, but i can honestly say that i admire your ability to make words come to life.

keep up the brilliant work :)

Mesterio posted a comment on Monday 16th February 2009 11:05am

Well written! Can't wait to see Fudge out of office.

James Barber posted a comment on Monday 16th February 2009 9:02am

WoW, was bored out of my mind kinda of days...when I suddenly found you had updated this outstanding story! To Tell you the truth I had kinda of forgotten about this story, since it takes you 6 to 8 months or longer to update...Well I'm glad you did...also I'm glad you finally remember that the weasley rite to vote was being hidden from them, and you did it in such a well done fashion too. to bad part of his votes also didnt come from sheets... Now if we can just get jeconais and bobmin to update!

Infin1x posted a comment on Monday 16th February 2009 5:45am

As always I am amazed by your ability to go into so much detail without getting boring or making it feel like a info dump.

Excellent work.

Deborahsu posted a comment on Monday 16th February 2009 3:21am

I already told you in the other story, but since you post both, I'll review both :-)

I'm so glad to see an update! These parallel stories have got to take a good bit of time to work on, so I do understand, particularly since life happens in the meantime.

I like what Harry is doing with the Wizengamot and everything else, really. Getting Arthur in and Umbridge out is truly a turn for the better! Now let's see how and if Ron resolves HIS issues!

W Mayberry posted a comment on Sunday 15th February 2009 4:52pm

Yeah, New Chapter! :p Always happy to see more of the Paladin stories! Hope your muse and RL let the next chapter post quickly.


Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Sunday 15th February 2009 1:30pm

Boy, did'nt I want to smack the fat off of Fudge there, and really looking forward to when he finally falls, as he's gotten to the point that I don't see how he stays in office except as he has so many in his pocket, or vice versa. Great to see Umbridge's teeth somewhat removed, and can't wait for Sheets to get hers. Ron, well, he needs to grow up, as it's definitely becoming tiresome for him to just act an idiot around Harry when he seems to feel slighted, and glad to see that Harry isn't so willing to just forgive and forget like he did so many times before.

Crys posted a comment on Sunday 15th February 2009 1:04pm

I want to strangle Fudge and just about crowed in delight at what happened to Umbridge. Getting someone to yell at their computer screen is masterful writing.

The extra slap in the face of no "Mis-tah" to Fudge is just icing. He tries to discommode Harry and he ends up getting slapped for it.

Lots of politics interspersed with a touch of action. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 15th February 2009 12:48pm

Just a what-for - I didn't see that you had updated both stories until AFTER I'd left a review. You might want to consider updating on consecutive days, so the updates are more visible (yeah, I know, in your abundant spare time...)?

warpwizard posted a comment on Sunday 15th February 2009 11:55am

Good stuff, lots of nice plot progression. Glad to see the Weasley's get their RtR back. And the rise of the Quibbler. And a final cliffhanger, darn you...I want the next chapter NOW! Thanks for writing.

DrT posted a comment on Sunday 15th February 2009 10:05am

Another interesting and well-thought out chapter. Thanks for keeping the story going! Still hoping to see some magical security firms appearing. . . .

Anton1 posted a comment on Saturday 24th January 2009 4:38am

I love this story! I hope that you have not abandoned it and that you will post a new chapter soon. :)

Graham V posted a comment on Tuesday 20th January 2009 5:03pm

I don't understand why people complain about the inclusion of religion in this wonderful piece of fanfiction. It doesn't bother me at all and I'm about as secular a person can get. But the Mac worship lol I don't know if I'll be able to read the rest and it's gonna kill me. So far the story has been amazing. Its more fleshed out and realistic then 99 percent of the Potter fanfiction I've read (and believe me I've read A LOT of fanfiction). I've found your depiction of the Potter universe to be more realistic and diverse in detail than Rowlings. Do you have any original works? I would love to read something from a universe that you had created on your own.

Aaran St Vines replied:

Thank you for your kind words and for reading and reviewing. I am working on original pieces, but there is nothing out there posted or published yet. The closest thing to original work I have is my story, "Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC" that you can read here on It tells how the original Ollivander invented the wand, and brought what is known as magic in the Potterverse to the British Isles. It was an early work of mine, and I hope I'm a better writer now, but the story is unique. No one else in the Potter fanficdom has attempted to tell this tale. It might drag a little during the year the protagonist spends in the dungeon, but those who finish the story rave about it. More than one has declared it the definitive story of magic's origin in Potter/Great Britain. Thanks again for reviewing - - Aaran

hpssslashfan posted a comment on Friday 12th December 2008 2:43pm

Wow , amazing story, I certainly hope you decide to continue it soon.

Joel Aarhus posted a comment on Wednesday 26th November 2008 9:10am

I wonder what brand of computers you like the best? You are so subtle it is hard for me to tell.

Joel Aarhus posted a comment on Tuesday 25th November 2008 4:10pm

very good portrayal of religion not too heavy handed like I was afraid of when you introduced it, just realistic and logical.

Also most awesome "why Dumbledore makes stupid decisions" ever!

Rovias05 posted a comment on Thursday 6th November 2008 7:19am

I think I might just love you. XD This is one of the single best fanfics I've ever read, and is only second (in my opinion) to Shezza88's excellent Denarian series - especially that bloody great battle. I just hope Fudge finally takes delivery of "The Shaft" in the Wizengamot for this, as the other reviewers imply. Keep going!

Laura Wagner posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2008 5:56am

I have just finished reading through the entire story again over the last week or so and I wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful story.
The only negative is too many subplots and how can that be a negative? :)
Looking forward to seeing what Ted Granger is up to since you haven't mentioned him since the blurb when he met the other two Officers.
Thanks again!

amos posted a comment on Friday 10th October 2008 5:46pm

I would have to agree to mathiasgranger's review. The romance scenes are hmm, how can I say it nicely? Not good.