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Rick D Gale posted a comment on Sunday 10th June 2007 12:52am

Great chapter! The Battle on Privet Dr. reminded me of the one in 'Harry Potter Heir of Gryffindor' by Brent Braten (on, but over all, I think I liked this fight better. I will continue to read this great story.

Gammaray posted a comment on Friday 8th June 2007 2:51am

I'm afraid that immediately following your statement that Harry was baptised, and the idea that the christian church isn't the worhtless piece of propaganda-infested shit it, in fact, is, I ceased reading this story. If you bring religion into anything you write, you automatically ruin the story. This is a pity - it was going rather well, otherwise.

shw30 posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 2:05pm

omg, you're incredible. I can't believe you're writing this and Great Scott at the same time. I'd like to repeat my offer as beta for this story, and apologize- I tend to skip reading disclaimers, as I KNOW people are obviously not making a profit off this site, and did not see the Email Alert link. Thanks!

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Wednesday 30th May 2007 2:54am

Ouch. Man that is not cool. Oh well. Anyways, good work with this chapter, though I admit the end has me a bit worked up, even after a second read a while later. The rest of the chapter I did really enjoy. The bit with ron was great also along with the elves at the end. Cheers!!!

Anaknisatanas posted a comment on Tuesday 29th May 2007 11:00am

So will Ted be having trouble with the law now? Was that really even him or someone in a mask? Since he's a muggle he wouldn't leave behind any magical trace and I find it hard to believe that he was that sloppy.

I love the detail you provide on the political scene. I really can't wait to see more of this story and the parallels to it.

Tonya Evans posted a comment on Saturday 26th May 2007 5:50pm

I like this story. But having been in a Hermione/Harry ship. It does not work!! The brother/sister feeling never grows to what it should.
Keep up the Great work!!

petteyg359 posted a comment on Saturday 26th May 2007 2:05am

An update to the TOC page for this story would make this chapter easier to find :) I like the stuff involving Gringotts and MID...

in-kinsfire posted a comment on Saturday 26th May 2007 1:48am

Nice story, and I'm glad you highlighted the changes.

James Barber posted a comment on Friday 25th May 2007 6:01am

Thanks I finally found it!

Prince Charon posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 3:27pm

Oh, boy. Very, very interesting.

Thank you very much for updating.

More soon, please.

James Barber posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 1:22pm

Hey you sent me an email saying that chapter 16 of this story was here (that you had taken it down for a moment) well its not here!

warpwizard posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 5:06am

Very good chapter, lots of meat. I'm loving that tension between Harry and Hermione, it's very amusing. Hopefully he doesn't eventually drive her completely around the bend. :)

Nice shock ending! Methinks Mr. Granger has a permanent new position in society and it isn't as a dentist.

Arkeus posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 3:10am

Wow...Really good. I loved all the business speak, and the inclusion of justin. The birthday, too, was nice, though i disliked the "how slytherin of you". I mean, since when are slytherin half as capable?

Great discussion between hermione and harry, poor girl, though a bit obsessed. i really hope that your hermione is magically capable, too.

in the beginning of the chapter it is said "steph granger (in the birthday part) and at the end "ted granger"...Oo

Great end.

Damn wizards.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 12:09am

Very good chapter. Bummer at the end.


Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Monday 21st May 2007 11:03pm

Wow, an intense and informative chapter, and this and another story of yours continue to inspire me to write an HP fic. Nice cliffhanger with Dr. Granger, and the conversation Harry had with Justin, as well as with Madam Malkin develops the wizarding world a lot. Not suprising that there's a version of the mob, just like everywhere else, and will be interesting to see how they will try to go against Harry, and how he's push back, along with everything else. Harry is building a big house, but hope that he's able to develop a solid rock base, or it'll collapse.

Crys posted a comment on Monday 21st May 2007 12:48pm

[head swimming] You're turning into a helluva socio - political - economic teacher.

Nice backstory on the Lovegoods.

Originally, I thought that Harry was creating a racing motorcycle / Star Wars style speeder bike. Maybe something like that for seekers?

Uh, oh. Steph, I'm not convinced that was a mistake, but this is going to flame anti-muggle prejudices. Not to mention making Hermione's life difficult.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

DJ posted a comment on Monday 21st May 2007 12:38pm

Just a question I missed in my first review. In CH1 it was Ted Granger in this CH it was Steph Granger with is right? Just wondoring.

DJ posted a comment on Monday 21st May 2007 12:20pm

Nice work I can't wait to see what is next. I love the way you use lesser knowen people like FF. Thanks for the update see you next time.

Jess1 posted a comment on Monday 21st May 2007 11:38am


I can't wait for the next chapter... Voldemort has been pretty quiet lately....

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Monday 21st May 2007 10:52am

Very definitely and interesting chapter. I loved the development of a new business combine and I suspect Justin's family is going to be rather surprised by the connections he makes.

The assist for Ron was quite the nice touch and the work around it even better. I, for one, like it that Harry and Hermione are taking their time on developing their relationship, deepening their friendship and working relationship, as well as tying up loose ends like Ton, before really moving into a much more intimately personal relationship.

The last bit sequence was quite inspired and it'll be interesting to see what eventuates from his being sighted.