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Kinsfire posted a comment on Monday 29th October 2007 1:17am

I'll admit that my first couple ideas come to things like Clarinda's Classy Clothiers or simply Clarinda's Clothiers.

An excellent chapter, as always. (And I only just now figured out your wife's chosen online name, even after reading her equally excellent work. *headdesk*)

gadriam posted a comment on Monday 29th October 2007 1:07am

Fluffy, yes. Intellectual, yes. Great, hell yeah!

Beautiful characterizations all around. Clever, too.

Shopname? CCC. Clarinda's captivating clothes. Free WWW dispellment charm on every item sold.


Dervish posted a comment on Monday 29th October 2007 12:00am

Clarinda's Closet
Jordan's Designs
CJ clothiers
Clar's botique

Crys posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 11:39pm

Interesting take on the elves. Their language skills (and lack thereof).

> Until that moment he had never considered the very real intellectual dilemma someone like Hermione would have faced to accept magic.
*raised eyebrow* Huh. You keep looking at things sideways (at least from my PoV). But your explanations make perfect sense.

Very good explanations on the tools. The Crafters' waste of energy isn't all that surprising (necessary, even, in your 'verse). The only question is whether the Crafters intentionally are wasteful of energy or if they are that way due to poor tools/methods.

Good arguments on Hermione's fear of flying.

Bringing them together nicely. Thoroughly enjoyed the chapter. Now off to read the "Great Scott" version.

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 10:30pm

Yes! Great to see more of this, and really interesting to see how Harry describes how his new form of spell creation works, as well as seeing Hermione open herself up to it, as well as Harry teaching her to fly. Overall, a nice, warm chapter here, and really got a kick out of it

björn nilsson posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 9:55pm

Ithink a good name for the shop is The full paket

DrT posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 9:49pm

Lots of exposition, but not a whole lot of actual fluff, more implied future fluff. And you'd best control Hermione if Harry turns her on much more (as he did with the indexing spell); they'll have to move the story to the other section of the site. <g>


Princess Fictoria posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 4:49pm

So glad to see this again. Still loving it and very much looking forward to more... especially your newest offshoot with Millicent Bulstrode.

Okay, as for the shop's name. I think something simple and classy yet different would best display the character of her store. Something like: Fashions by CJ or maybe just: CJ's - Discriminating Fashions for A Discriminating Wizarding World or lastly: Clarinda's Clothiers - Tasteful Fashions for Tasteful People.

radar posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 1:22pm

Simply Magical

That's my name suggestion. As for the story, this is seriously one of the best one's I have ever read. The only thing was, that on here or it might have been portkey, you switched between Steph and Ted for the names of Hermione's father. Again, I'm not sure which site it was, I think portkey, but I'm not positive, but it just confused me a bit. Other than that, the idea is one of the best, if not the best out there. Keep it up. i love this all.

Melferd posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 5:19am

yikes, careful Mr. Granger, those nasty machine guns are always pesky with extra bullets!

This story is so true to voice, and yet such a tease for poor Harry/Hermione!! Do you get emails from them: Dear ASV, Please address the lack of sex, or we will sick Hermione's mom on you. Her Dad could not be counted on to represent our full wishes in this matter. Sincerely, H/Hr

PS just discovered your Jane to snuggle as close as one can to a computer for a lovely read.

Tira Misu posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2007 7:17am

Your authors note made me happy. It's your fic and you can put whatever religious references you want in it.

lr_williams posted a comment on Thursday 20th September 2007 9:02am

More, please. I'm trying to be patient, but more please.

mastapsi posted a comment on Friday 10th August 2007 3:53pm

I never read this before now, mostly because I wasn't sure what it was, but after reading your Ollivander fic, I decided to read this one.

Good work, I noticed one error in this chapter right toward the end. The sentence currently reads,

"Harry and Hermione talked in this intimate fashion for over an hour more before her left."

but it should read,

"Harry and Hermione talked in this intimate fashion for over an hour more before she (or is it he?) left."

A very great read!

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Friday 3rd August 2007 7:09am

As if Snape has ever been held to the Staff Handbook before :).

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Friday 3rd August 2007 3:34am

A monger is a seller, like a peddler, not a maker. A fishmonger sold fish; an ironmonger sold iron goods (pots and pans, etc). Your use of the term is spot on when you have the Spell Monger sell his spell creation, but is off when you use mongering to refer to the creation of spells. An ironmonger may have made some of the iron goods he sold, but he wasn't called a monger because of that. The Blacksmith analogy does work well, so perhaps it should be Spellsmith. Or at least smithing should refer to the creation of the spell; he could still be called a monger because he has to sell it.

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Wednesday 1st August 2007 8:00am

I knew I had started reading this before I found Great Scott, Potter, This is War at But I could never find it (I looked at Schnoogle and Fanfiction. You must have had it someplace like that at some point. I was going back though GSPTIW at PS and decided to try again. I googled The Granger Defense and got here (I also got PortKey and Firewhiskey, but I've never been to those, so they can't be where I saw it over a year ago).
Well, at least I know now I'm not going crazy.

lr_williams posted a comment on Sunday 29th July 2007 4:17am

As always, an excellent chapter. I'm wondering how long it will be before anti-mongering legislation goes before the Wizengamot. I'm also wondering if there's a way to break the loss of right to rule for the Weasley family. Can't wait to see how you handle the story, and specifically can't wait for the next chapter.


Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 13th June 2007 8:19pm

On the class structure: Consider twenty students per year per house (eighty students total) for Hogwarts. That would be a total (all years) of (at best) five-hundred sisty (assuming no failouts, and all students take their NEWTs). However, it is known that some courses are *required* or core, courses (Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, and Defense); the remaining courses are electives (Astronomy, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, the post-OWL Apparation course for sixth-years and any seventh-year that failed or didn't take it in sixth-year, etc.). While Herbology is an elective, it is a useful part of a core course (Potions) and both Transfiguration and Charms are useful in terms of Defense (all three are core courses). While in all years up to fifth (OWL) year, each course is forty minutes; each post-OWL core course is twice as long (one hour and twenty minutes). Some electives (Apparation, for example) are *only* taught post-OWL, and only for one year; while others (Ancient Runes and Arithmancy) require an Acceptable on the OWL (which is also an elective; note that Harry took Astronomy and Divination pre-OWL, instead of Arithmancy or Ancient Runes, while Hermione did the reverse). Core-course post-OWL courses, however, require a minimum of Exceeds Expectations on the OWL exam (Severus Snape goes beyond that, requiring an Outstanding on the Potions OWL before being accepted into the post-OWL Potions course). These heightened requirements result in much-smaller class sizes in the post-OWL core courses due to students not meeting the minimum acceptable requirements (only Defense and Charms in Harry's year did not see a loss of half the students post-OWL vs. pre-OWL; that figure, naturally, is primarily due to the Defense Association, while Potions saw the greatest shrinkage, primarily due to the even higher requirements to enter the post-OWL course). In canon, the only reason Harry is even taking NEWT Potions is due to a change in the professor (Horace Slughorn hewed to the same Exceeds Expections OWL requirement of the other core courses); NEWT Defense has the highest enrollment (Defense, however, saw two records set on the OWLs; most Outstanding OWLs in any one year, and most failures; very much feast or famine, with the feasters consisting entirely of DA members), followed by NEWT Charms (again, even Flitwick gives credit to Harry's DA for the smaller failure rate on the Charms OWL) and Transfiguration (again, McGonagall credits the DA). To a large extent, the sixth-year course enrollment is, in fact, an aberration over a typical sixth-year grouping, with more students in the core courses overall (again, heavily weighted in favor of Defense and Charms, followed by Transfiguration; Potions, however, has the small class size typical of sixth-year); the *seventh* or NEWT year class sizes are doubtless more typical of Hogwarts pre-Harry. Lastly, we have no idea what Harry's post-OWL elective class load was in HBP; he may not have taken any electives (despite being eligible to take NEWT Astronomy and NEWT CoMC). (The only elective Ron took was Divination; however, he didn't take Potions. Hermione, on the other hand, took both Arithmancy and Ancient Runes in addition to all four core post-OWL courses; however, even Hermione took no other electives.) Further, with Hogwarts being a boarding school with no *day* students, the class *day* is, doubtless longer than that of a comprehensive non-boarding school.

storiesdr posted a comment on Wednesday 13th June 2007 3:43pm

The SAS keeps a wtchful eye on the activities of their former members. I think the latest news will cause that organisation to want an urgent "discussion" with Ted on his activities.

Aaran St Vines replied:

I'm way ahead of you. That's already factored in. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

storiesdr posted a comment on Wednesday 13th June 2007 1:59pm

Do you know that the SAS has a "sister" organisation known as the SBS (Special Boat Service) which are more tasked for marine entry and long range reconaissance.