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Prongs1977 posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd December 2009 6:14am

Do we know when we'll get more?

HellsMaji posted a comment on Sunday 1st November 2009 7:50pm

Wow.. The first half of this chapter was waay too much for me to read through all of it. I couldn't really connect with much from it.
But besides that, why was Harry surprised along with the other three when Cilia said Percival was there to stop and/or kill them? Mr. Weasley had already told him that part.

Shawn1 posted a comment on Friday 30th October 2009 3:00am

I hope you are going to finish this excellent story

Wolf470 posted a comment on Saturday 24th October 2009 4:06pm

This review is for all chapters : Well done, please continue this story. 10 out of 10 rating.

Howard J. Howe posted a comment on Thursday 22nd October 2009 2:30pm

Hey are you going to update this or have you reached a road block?

Hope the muse jumps on you soon its a well written fic and deserves an ending.

Topkick502 posted a comment on Tuesday 8th September 2009 10:56pm

You're a talented writer, as I'm sure you're aware. I love the historical perspective you bring to the story and that you've developed characters that normally languish in the original author's and other's stories; especially the Grangers. Your back stories are interesting and engaging; not dry in the least. Many have a hard time seeing historical characters as real, but you bring them to life marvelously. The political aspect of your story is likewise engaging.

I don't generally write reviews, however, in this case, I wanted to say, job well done, thus far. Hopefully, you'll continue on with your story. It's absolutely wonderful to come upon a story that's well written, intelligent, well plotted, and keeps the reader wanting more. Thanks.

Matt Harris posted a comment on Tuesday 8th September 2009 9:15am

Just finished rereading this. A wonderful story.

Ron posted a comment on Monday 3rd August 2009 10:28am

Are you going to be continuing this, or is it abandoned?

badboo posted a comment on Sunday 14th June 2009 9:08am

I have finally (!!) caught up with this story and it is soooo good. Thank you for the nice long chapters and the activity. I like St. Simon's and the residents that we've been introduced to. I like the Paladin program. Rich!Harry is a cliche but you are doing having him do things with the wealth and power that I don't recall before. I am looking forward to the introduction of the American and other counties Paladins. I especially like Ted Granger and the fact that he was able to convince that killing and murder are two different things - one of them acceptable; the second never acceptable. The characters within the Wizengamot are interesting especially Mr. Smith and Madam Sheets. You actually may be able to make Rita Skeeter a sympathetic character. There are so many more things that I have enjoyed reading the entire 22 chapters and undoubtedly forgotten most of them but they are still interesting and thanks for including them. Even the stometimes long-winded explanations. I'm the kind of reader that may enjoy seeing Harry go through a shopping spree but hearing about the detailed decriptions of the minot differences in the 14 new sets of robes he bought can get boring. So far, I have not been bored with your details. Some of the quantum mechanics are still abit over my head but that may be because I was reading it at 2am *smirk*.
So, hopefully, in the next couple of months you'll be able to upload the chapter dealing with the new school year.
Thanks for the great story!! I really mean it especially since I am not usually a fan of Harry/Hermione. But that pairing is favored over Harry/Ginny IMO

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Friday 12th June 2009 6:14am

Loving it so far, can't wait for more. By the way, is this story going to go all the way through sixth year, or be a "summer story", followed by a sixth, then seventh year, story?

scribbler posted a comment on Thursday 28th May 2009 6:46am

This is the best chapter of this entire story, for reasons that are, to me, quite obvious. You've done a masterful job in showing Dumbledore as a real, frail, and repentant man and I have to admire the thoughtfulness you put into the dialog between him and Harry in the carriage. Great, great job.



nublar posted a comment on Monday 13th April 2009 1:23pm

Brilliant story, I'm looking forward to more. Thanks for the great read, and sorry for the short and banal review.

Ohhhdear posted a comment on Tuesday 7th April 2009 3:26pm

Fascinating tale. I truly appreciate the depth and reality that belief in God, redemption from sin and living the faith you believe adds to the story. It's a shame there are detractors who marginalize both our Christian heritage and the value of aligning ourselves with it in a personal way. They simply don't understand, do they?
Unlike JKR, I appreciate a strong Harry who doesn't waffle and moan . The Paladin universe is (in my opinion) far more satisfying. May God bless you and yours!

Brigrove posted a comment on Tuesday 10th March 2009 11:46pm

still can't understand how the wizarding public let Fudge remain after it was shown that he'd been lying about Voldemort's return, but I loved the manoeuvring in this chapter.

Brigrove posted a comment on Tuesday 10th March 2009 10:46pm

For once I loved the historical reference and it is SO typically Fudge

Great battle by the way

Brigrove posted a comment on Tuesday 10th March 2009 3:06pm

The Weasley back story was quite interesting but to be honest there was too much of it

Brigrove posted a comment on Tuesday 10th March 2009 1:46pm

loved the comments about muddlesoft

Brigrove posted a comment on Tuesday 10th March 2009 9:14am

I agree with your beta - the main story far better without the lengthy biographical details.

The highlight of this chapter for me was the emotional letter from Molly

Brigrove posted a comment on Tuesday 10th March 2009 7:25am

Nicely constructed chapter. And I loved the true-Brit explanation of how this pureblood nonsense happened. Blame the French! Of course!

Brigrove posted a comment on Tuesday 10th March 2009 5:28am

loved the milicent bit and the final confrontation in front of Fudge.

I disagree with you on religion in HP. JKR has elements taken from religion, you have introduced the religion itself into the story and a religion which forbids anyting to do with witches or witchcraft. While it doesn't bother me enough to make me stop reading an otherwise great story, I find it a mildly tiresome distraction.