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Lufio posted a comment on Tuesday 11th April 2006 5:58pm

Hi. I was slightly confused by the disparity between Nerta and Ninato in their usage of the new "magik" terminology in this chapter.

You first had Nerta speak as if she and her husband were both familiar in the usage of the word "spell", but then you later had Ninato speak as if unsure of the word. So Nerta was the only one at the time she and her husband first met Willen that used the new words commonly?

- Nerta
"We both have to cast every spell as you call them - amazing idea, that."

- Ninato and Willen
"Magik is the New Way and a spell is...?"
"A spell is a piece of magik."

Aaran St Vines replied:

Thanks for reading and reviewing.  And thanks for pointing out this disparity.

I'll go back and check this when I get the time.


Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Sunday 9th April 2006 5:26am

I really enjoyed this story. The letter to Dumbledore was an especially nice touch, in itself demanding a sequel, but in Harry's time. What did it really mean that only Willen, Godric, and Harry have ever been able to get that wand to spark? And will he actually wield it?

hholidays posted a comment on Saturday 8th April 2006 3:52pm

Incredible. This chapter took an amazing imagination to write, and I was laughing at several points. I enjoy your 'story telling' style. Its history, but in the fashion of a good oral history where you can tell it has been changed ever so slightly to make it a better story. I like how Willen has the lazy eye like the Ollivanders after him. Good stuff.

Aaran St Vines replied:

I am most grateful for this kind review and words of appreciation.


Keldore posted a comment on Friday 7th April 2006 6:56am

You are truely a marvelous writer and enchanting storyteller. I look forward to seeing much more of your work. This story reminded me at times of Eragon and Eldest, which are critically acclaimed, but the connection to the HP world made it very special.

Aaran St Vines replied:

I have never read "Eragon" or "Eldest," but I understand that is a complimentary comparison.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Rick Gale posted a comment on Friday 7th April 2006 1:35am

I have spent the last 2 days reading your story with fascination. I felt a lot like Harry waiting to get back to Mr. Ollivanders’ to have him continue the tale.

You have done a marvelous job of providing a believable history of the beginning of ‘Magik’ and the use of the wand.

I look forward to reading the next chapter – and hopefully the conclusion of the story – the suspense is killing me!


Aaran St Vines replied:

Thanks for reading and reviewing, and for your very kind words.

I hope the completion of the tale satisfied.


zac posted a comment on Thursday 6th April 2006 8:25am

this was a facinating story. just what does it mean that Harry got Willen's wand to work for him...hmmm...yes great things indeed.

Aaran St Vines replied:

Thanks for your kind review.

I haven't decided exactly what it means that Willen, Godric Gryffindor, and Harry are the only ones to have gotten sparks out of Willen's wand, but I believe it will make a difference in the final battle in "Great Scott, Potter" and "The Granger Defense" posting here at FFA.


cmatbmed posted a comment on Thursday 6th April 2006 6:18am

What a great story.

Aaran St Vines replied:

Thanks for your kind words of review, and for reading.

Paul Dueck posted a comment on Thursday 6th April 2006 3:46am

Amazing! Easily the equal of any story on this site. Well done!

Aaran St Vines replied:

It is a very choice compliment to say my work equals the writings of the select group of authors here on FFA. 

I am humbled and grateful for the comparison.


LoggingInSucksAss posted a comment on Wednesday 5th April 2006 2:36pm

Good for you and your wife - cherish every moment. And thank you for this most wonderful of stories. Like everyone else nowadays, I'm sucked in by the traditional romance; will it be Harry and Hermione? Can I read it if it's Ron and Hermione?

It's so nice to read a story that is steeped not in the contemporary romance but in the possibilities inherent to the unpublished history of the HP universe.

In every way, this is one of the best stories I have ever read, regardless of fandom OR publisher. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Aaran St Vines replied:

Your kind words have warmed my heart.  This review has been a great reward for my efforts.

I am grateful that you enjoyed this, and for reading my tale.


Quizer posted a comment on Wednesday 5th April 2006 7:19am

Wow. This is one of the most unique and outstanding pieces of fanfiction I have ever read. Words fail to describe adequately how I feel about this piece of art. Throughout the story I have shivered at the great and exceptional events described in this story and never I thought once that something was improbable or illogical. You have taken everything we know about magic from canon and placed it on a foundation forged from historic facts and your creative writing skills. A foundation that is so much larger and more extensive than its inspiration that I can't even begin to fathom the amount of research that has gone into this. I tip my hat before you and eagerly await updates to your other stories, hoping they will grow to be as terrific as this story. 'Makers of Fine Wands' will always have its place on the list of my favorites.

Aaran St Vines replied:

Your delightfully effusive compliments of my work have sent shivers up my spine.

We write and hope for a connection with out readers.  You've been kind beyond words in your approbation.


jaques posted a comment on Tuesday 4th April 2006 11:01am

this is the first fanfic with this story that i've read. it's a bit slow on some parts but a great read nonetheless. can't wait to read more.

Aaran St Vines replied:

I wrote this tale because NO ONE out in the fanfic world has even mentioned what happened back then, that I have found.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

ThunderGod posted a comment on Tuesday 4th April 2006 10:17am

I like this, History in the making...

Very well done, a tale of the begiining of Ollivander


Aaran St Vines replied:

I had to know 'why 382 B.C.' in canon.  My research gave me no real reason, and reading fanfiction told me nothing either.

So I had to explain it all.  Man-days of research and 138,000+ words later...

Thanks for your interest.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Tuesday 4th April 2006 9:22am

Fascinating chapter and quite believeable. It's a delightful exercise in writing a pre-history.

Juan2 posted a comment on Monday 3rd April 2006 3:06pm

great, great story. you are a very engaging writer - one of the reasons fanfiction is worth reading. and better than half of the crap one can buy in a bookstore these days...

i applaud your originality


Aaran St Vines replied:

This was a very complimentary review.

Thanks, and thanks for reading.

kittykatluver posted a comment on Sunday 2nd April 2006 4:03pm

Sorry. Forgot to log in! Anyway, who died?! No! I don't want anyone to die!

Aaran St Vines replied:

It hurt a lot to kill those I did, but life is tough, and it was a most savage time back then. 

I went Family Rating on this in comparison with what would have probably happened at that time.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

sunrisesunset posted a comment on Sunday 2nd April 2006 3:37pm

You know, I never really thought about what it's like to see without stereoscopic vision...

Great chapter. Seeing Willen mature makes for a fascinating tale - and the reaction of Stellan proves just how much he's changed from the lame-eyed lad who left Loundon's Towne. You make a great storyteller, Aaran.

And now, could you *please* post the next chapter? According to the text on your main page, you've already completed this fic. I really want to see what happens! No fair leaving us with a cliffhanger... ^^

Aaran St Vines replied:

Your comments on this chapter were most appreciated.

I am grateful that you are reading and reviewing.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Sunday 2nd April 2006 5:01am

Very interesting story. And the only "correction" is that Knuts are bronze...
I'm off to read chapter two!!

Aaran St Vines replied:

Thanks for reading and reviewing, and for your catch.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Saturday 1st April 2006 6:02am

What a fabulous story - I have been looking for some fanfic that was safe for my 10 yr old daughter to read - and this is not only safe but marvelously gripping and entertaining.
What a marvelous way to teach the history of the magical communities of Albion and of the crafts involved in having a civilization.
thanks so much and warmest regards

Aaran St Vines replied:


You've given me the finest compliment of all the reviews I have received across the internet for my writing. 

That you would read this to your ten year old, and still find it gripping, entertaining, and educational has rendered me speechless.

Well, I am never speechless, but you know what I mean.

Thanks som very much.

sunrisesunset posted a comment on Friday 31st March 2006 4:52pm

Ah - amazing! I love this story!!

Ahem. Yeah, I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your unique story so far. It has this fairy-tale feel to it that draws me in without making me feel childish. The overarching story between Harry and Mr. Ollivander is certainly interesting as well - I always love it when people give us a closer look at a character that we haven't gotten to know all that well yet. Great twist with him being older than Dumbledore - didn't expect that.

Looks like things are coming to a climax! I can't wait for your next installment. ^^

Aaran St Vines replied:

I am delighted you are enjoying this tale enough to write such a kind review.

In my more canon-oriented stories, a few people say that I write better back channel than direct story.  I hope that's not too true.


halbarad posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd March 2006 9:31am

Historical fiction meets the Harry Potter Universe.

You have a brilliant story idea here, and I wish you luck with it.

Aaran St Vines replied:

Hey, I'm a historical fiction sort of guy.

I am glad you like this.