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Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Thursday 15th November 2007 4:55pm for Crime and Punishment

So Caroline is considering what Darcy might think of as a suitable punishment? She might feel that going to Ireland to be far better than what Darcy might suggest. If she had been sensible she'd have listened to her sister and minded her own buisness....but Caroline was never one to think things through. Hopefully Darcy will have the support of his friends and his other relatives when Lady Catherine expresses her opinion. At least Darcy and Elizabeth are building their relationship with finesse. It's also nice to see how Darcy and Mr. Bennett are becoming good friends as well as future in-laws. Many thanks for writing this!

lucyjay posted a comment on Wednesday 14th November 2007 12:58pm for Crime and Punishment

Caroline in exile is a pleasant thought! Mr. Bennet is very kind and understanding. His daughter needed that tete-a-tete with her fiance to restore her mood. Thanks for the lovely chapter. I am enjoying this sweet story.

Tink Cook posted a comment on Tuesday 13th November 2007 3:54am for Crime and Punishment

Now I really can't wait for the next post! What a place to leave us!

I really love this story and will wait "impatiently" for the next post!

Thanks again for such a wonderful story.

Sandra Leonie posted a comment on Monday 12th November 2007 8:21pm for Crime and Punishment


What an excellent chapter.

Lovely to see Darcy & Elizabeth together.

Good to see Mrs B keeping her mouth shut for once and her sister being the embarrassment.

So, Caroline finally gets her comeupance - love to see her quivering in fear at the possibility that Darcy will cut her.....

I await the arrival of you know who - from Kent........

Will Cousin Anne come to the wedding??????

Tarkas posted a comment on Monday 12th November 2007 6:07pm for Crime and Punishment

I must agree with the previous reviewer: Caro-bashing is almost always highly amusing, and so it proves to be in this chapter. Of course, an animal is never more dangerous than when it is wounded and trapped, and Miss Bingley is likely to feel both when informed of her exile to Ireland (if she doesn't already), so the possibility of her doing more mischief (or at least throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportions) should not be discounted. And she really has no idea about Darcy's character, does she? Her perception of him is as superficial as everything else about her, and shows that she, the close confidante of the Darcy family (according to her, anyway ;-)), can't see past the façade that he presents to the world.

Elsewhere in the Bingley family, though, it was very good to see the Hursts asserting themselves -- both Louisa and Mr Hurst. The latter gentleman appears to have more brains and backbone than is commonly thought, and far more claim to truly being a gentleman than his sister-in-law has ever had to being a lady, and his wife may be well on the way to lifting her manners and behaviour to a like standard. I hope this resurgence of character for the Hursts will continue.

Meanwhile, at Longbourne... It's the mark of a good writer and a good piece of writing that the reader can become so involved with it that he or she can imagine themselves involved in the scene, and so it was for Lizzy and Darcy's walk in the gardens. When Darcy reassured Lizzy of his regard, I felt rather frustrated that the repressive mores of the times (not to forget the watchful eye of Mr Bennet) prevented Darcy from doing anything more than (relatively) chastely kissing her hand -- though he was a little daring, and good for him; what Lizzy needed just then was a good hug! Very good writing.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Monday 12th November 2007 1:44pm for Crime and Punishment

Excellent chapter. Oh, it's so nice to see Caroline Bingley get what's coming to her!