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Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd January 2008 4:51pm for Attentions and Intentions

Oh, lovely! How did I miss this chapter???? I knew something was off when I read the following one!

lucyjay posted a comment on Thursday 8th November 2007 2:01pm for Attentions and Intentions

That was a lovely chapter! Romantic & responsible...that's our Darcy. I hope Caroline enjoys the wedding. Thanks for posting. I am really enjoying this sweet story.

Verity posted a comment on Tuesday 6th November 2007 2:25am for Attentions and Intentions

Dear Mrs. St Vines,
I can't tell you how much I love the stories you write. I have been particularly waiting for the next chapter of this story and it was wonderful. Truth be told I have never written any review after years of reading fan fiction--so this is a first for me. Happily Ever After is amazing. I love the way your Darcy and Elizabeth love eachother (in all your stories)--yay, stories without angst! Anyway, thanks for hours of pleasure your writing has provided. Please don't stop!

Anette W posted a comment on Thursday 1st November 2007 10:10am for Attentions and Intentions

Dear Pamela,
It was such a great gift to suddenly find this website and read your wonderful stories - they are all so sweet and so well written, it's pure joy! I especially like this story - I like a Darcy who knows what he wants, and goes for it without all the angst. And your Darcy is so charming and yes - romantic *sigh*

Thank you - and please post again soon!

Laura posted a comment on Thursday 1st November 2007 6:32am for Attentions and Intentions

Finding an update on one of your stories puts a smile on my face! Especially so for this story - it is so sweet and fun. Darcy is so lighthearted and his manners are so smooth - it makes me wonder what is wrong with him. lol.

Could you enlighten us about your use of a 'special license' for marriage? My understanding is that Darcy would not qualify for an actual special license, despite Mrs Bennet's wishes, and also that a license was not a faster route to the altar. Perhaps you are using 'special' in a different manner?

I can happily suspend my impression of the rules and enjoy any story that gets Darcy and Lizzy married sooner. :D

Aaran St Vines replied:

According to my reading there were three means of legal marriage in England at this time: the reading of the Banns on 3 consecutive Sundays followed by a formalization ceremony, a Common or Ordinary License and a Special License. The Ordinary License waived the waiting period imposed by the Banns but required that the ceremony take place in the parish where at least one of the parties resided. Only a Special License granted the couple the right to marry at any time or place. A Special License was expensive (4 pounds vs. 10 shillings in 1808) and had to be obtained from the Archbishop of Canterbury or his representative. Mrs. Bennet was thrilled with the thought of a Special License because it was a symbol of wealth. That means little to Darcy in this story. In his eagerness to secure Elizabeth as his bride, Darcy chooses to obtain a Special License to make certain there will be no delays. I'm not aware of any restrictions that would have barred Darcy from obtaining a Special License, but I'm always interested if you can recommend a good source of information on the customs of this period. Thank you for taking the time to read and review. Pamela

Tink posted a comment on Monday 29th October 2007 1:49am for Attentions and Intentions

Another wonderful chapter!

I hope Caroline is put in her place by the Earl and his wife, too! I am always happy when Caroline gets brought down a notch or two.

Can't wait for more!

Sandra Leonie posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 8:02pm for Attentions and Intentions


Thank you for posting another chapter in this great story.

I look forward to meeting Lord & Lady Carlisle, but I do worry that Caroline will try something to spoil D&E's happy event.

Ishi posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 2:12pm for Attentions and Intentions

I love your depictions of the characters, as I'm sure I've told you before. Also, “When Kitty learned that she and Georgiana were the same age, she expressed an eagerness to learn more about Mr. Darcy's sister, too.” – I especially love this line, because I read quite recently in a book that Kitty weds a clergyman who lives near the Darcy estate. It was in a book called The Jane Austen Book Club, have you heard of it?