Content Harry Potter Jane Austen by Pamela St Vines


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Anaknisatanas posted a comment on Tuesday 27th November 2007 8:57am for Chapter Three - Crashing Right Through

Really great update. I loved seeing how Harry got himself and Millicent into Hogwarts. His forced discussion with Dumbledore regarding Snape was well written and Harry brought up several good points. Will he be explaining Spell Mongery to McGonagall and Pomfrey any better, so they can understand things? I'm really looking forward to more updates of this Paladin AU.

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Tuesday 27th November 2007 7:41am for Chapter Three - Crashing Right Through

Well, this was a heck of a chapter here, and first off, let me say that I actually felt good that Harry shamed the three professors like he did. Concerning Snape, as of now in this fic, I don't see the man having hardly any redeeming characteristics. I would wonder if he might have made a greater effort for one of the pretty girls, like Daphne Greengrass(though I know canon hardly says anything about her, and I guess that's more fanfic derived), but to put down someone from his house, right in front of her, well, he deserves little to no sympathy, imo. As for Albus, it appears that he's perfectly willing to follow the greater good, as lopng as it doesn't involve the people he doesn't want to involve. I hope that the wake-up Harry all but shouted in his ear will work out to the positive, as it seems to have done so for McGonagall at least, and Harry and Millicent, as you write them here, I find myself really looking forward to the two of them acting as a couple. Great writng here, and made me wish to see more in the near future.