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sior posted a comment on Tuesday 30th April 2013 1:09pm for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

You must serve 3 years as a regular soldier before even trying for SAS selection and over 80% of those who try get RTU!

Concealed Convict posted a comment on Wednesday 4th March 2009 9:25am for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

The only organisation that can rival the US Navy Seals!? The SAS are better; there is no doubt. Even statistically they are the best trained and most effective with the highest success rate in the world and that's not including black ops (deniable operations that never happened). Although admittedly the SBS (the "B" standing for "Boat") carry out most of them. Sorry, I'm a Brit and felt that it was my civic duty to point that out. Anyway; it's a good start and I can't wait to see where you go from here.

Thanks for writing
Keep up the good work

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Wednesday 13th August 2008 11:18pm for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

Very good start.


dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Saturday 1st December 2007 9:33am for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

Great setup.

Zarz posted a comment on Monday 4th June 2007 7:46pm for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

I really love this story - it's a cool idea, and a wonderful execution. I'm just a little confused by your Paladin Universe. What's the difference between this story and The Granger Defense? They don't seem to be sequels, and I'm not sure what they are. If you could let me know, and explain how your other stories in this universe fit in, I'd really appreciate that. Thanks!

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Friday 25th August 2006 9:08pm for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

Have to say you had me laughing my head off at first Percy and then Steph Granger (oh and thank you for not calling him Daniel). Clearly you aren't a golf fan. I like the use of background detail and will be fascinated to see where you take this. For the record, I chose the H/G form for 2 reasons: 1 is canon, which is nice to follow when possible as it feels more close to the books. 2 is the Weasley twins - if Hermione's Harry's girlfriend they don't tend to be so involved.

Dragen posted a comment on Wednesday 12th April 2006 11:06pm for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

Great start to the story... can't wait to see what happens next.

Aaran St Vines replied:

I am glad you like it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Patches posted a comment on Monday 10th April 2006 8:11am for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

A good story. I look forward to more . Thanks for writing. pms

Aaran St Vines replied:

Thanks for your interest and for reviewing.

Hope you enjoy.

Sssith posted a comment on Friday 24th March 2006 6:48am for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

I started reading this story about a year ago it seems, at Thought it was abandoned and then I saw it once again appear but this time at Now you are here, with a slightly changed version.

I would be lying if I did not say I am frustrated by all the moving. Can I expect to see a new chapter and progress beyond what is posted at sugarquill?

You're story is enjoyable and shows a lot of promise but I am worried that I will never see that potential fulfilled.

Aaran St Vines replied:

Thanks for reading and reviewing, and thanks for being a follower of this tale. I am less than an hour from sending a new chapter to my beta, one that has never seen the light of day on any site. This tale is dead at SQ. It will reactivate at PS within a week to ten days - my beta had to quit and a new one needed to be assigned. Here at FFA it will be numbered a bit differently, but it should be synched between PS and FFA in a few weeks at most. Thanks again.

Manatheron posted a comment on Tuesday 21st March 2006 1:06am for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

Hmm... This chapter seemed less 'Virtually Identical' and more 'completely' Identical...

Well, I'm willing to bet that the next one will have more easily noticable changes

Aaran St Vines replied:

The first few chapter have few differences.

They begin to differ about chapter five, and diverge quite a bit as things progress.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

John Davis posted a comment on Monday 20th March 2006 1:08pm for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

I hope that you will finish this story. It looks as if it has a large amount of potential.

Aaran St Vines replied:


Here at FFA I am in an environment where I know this tale will go forward to completion.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

David Thacker posted a comment on Saturday 18th March 2006 1:22pm for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

Thank you for this story and the time and effort that you have put in to it.Please ignore any and all flames.Enjoy your self when you write and have fun in your life when you can.

Aaran St Vines replied:

Thanks again, David.


Rich posted a comment on Friday 17th March 2006 10:25am for Chapter One - "Defenseless Muggles"

Glad to see this story starting up again, used to read it over at the sugar quill and was dissapointed to see it stop there, But here it is starting again :D

cant wait for more!!!